ARC August: Week 1 Update

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ARC August: Week 1 Update

Week 1 of ARC August, hosted by Miss O, of Read Sleep Repeat, has drawn to a close.  I set a stretch goal to read 3 books per week, and I’m happy to say that I’m right on track.  (I also said I’d review all of the books, and so far, I’m only one for three.  Gotta get crackin’!)  So, here’s what happened in week 1:

I finished The Deepest Night by Shana Abe.  This was not a part of my ARC August goals since I began reading it during the last week of July.  I assumed I’d have it finished before the end of July, but alas, I finished it on August 1.  Therefore, I’m counting it!  I haven’t written my review yet, but I’m thinking  2.5 stars.  It was pretty good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Sweetest Dark, the first book in the series.  I don’t think I’ll read any more of the series, assuming it continues.

Next up was Doon, and I strayed from my goals again.  I had been looking forward to reading this book, and it popped up on NG after I posted my goals.  I was approved, and since it’s being published in August, I pushed it to the top of my TBR.  I am sorry to say that it was a major disappointment, and I think I was generous with my 2 star review.
I finished Night Film today, and (yay!) this was actually on my ARC goals.  This was over 600 pages, and I’ve been reading it since Sunday.  I enjoyed it, but I’m happy to be moving on!  This will be a challenging (and likely, short) review, since it’s so spoiler-prone.
Up next: I’m hoping to read Fangirl, All Our Yesterdays, and The Girl of Fire and Thorns in week 2.  (No, that last one is not an ARC, but I have The Bitter Kingdom, and I still need to read the first two books.)

As always, goals are subject to change at my every whim!
Let me know how you’re doing in ARC August!
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10 Responses to “ARC August: Week 1 Update”

  1. Trish Hannon

    Looks like you are making great progress! Nothing like a challenge to keep you on the straight and narrow. I’m reading The Deepest Night soon so I’m nervous now after seeing your rating. I think the first book was 3 stars for me, I liked it but had issues with how much it dragged.

  2. Kristen Williams

    I should do a post like this too! I have read 3 arcs so far but I’m going completely out of order. I think three books a week is a really good goal to have and achievable. I’m so sad about Doon being a disappointment. I never heard anything back so I’m actually hoping now I don’t get it for review. Sometimes being declined is a blessing. I was supposed to read The Deepest Night but I’ve not read the first yet and don’t own it so I haven’t gotten to it yet. Good job Stephanie!

    My Friends Are Fiction

    • Stephanie K

      I didn’t even attempt to schedule books in order – so far, I’m reading books that I didn’t even include with my original goals!

  3. Octavia H

    Well look at you Ms. “I’m a slow reader”! Your plowing through those ARC’s! I just finished The Sweetest Dark and while I did enjoy it I’m not in a rush to read The Deepest Night, even though it is a review copy and I should feel guilty. Oh well’s good job hun!

    -Octavia of Read. Sleep. Repeat.

  4. Books_Buying_Beauty

    Good job on reading 3 this week.

    I got approved to read Doom and I got about 25pgs into it. I just don’t know about it. Does it get remotely better? I think I might DNF it sadly.

    Lucky I added All Our Yesterdays as soon as it was on Amazon. Sounds really interesting.

    Ashley and Sean @ Books Buying Beauty

    • Stephanie K

      It really does not get better, I’m afraid. I think it depends on what kind of romance you like, and if you can overlook the cheesy writing.

  5. Bookworm1858

    Congrats on meeting your goal! So far I’ve read 6 ARCs so I’m pretty pleased with myself (I have another 3 for this workweek so fingers crossed about that!)

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