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2nd Annual Authors are Rockstars Tour

The Authors are Rockstars Tour is a month-long event hosted by Fiktshun, Two Chicks on Books, and Magical Urban Fantasty Reads,  celebrating the awesomeness of some of our favorite authors.

I’m happy to have author/Rockstar Liz Coley visit the blog blog.  I’m especially happy to have her today, August 24, because it’s her BIRTHDAY today.

Happy Birthday, Liz!!!

If I had a piece of cake, I’d eat it in Liz’s honor, but since I don’t, I’ll just tell you about how I was blown away by Liz’s book, Pretty Girl-13.  (You can check out my review here.)  Pretty Girl-13 features a character subjected to awful abuse resulting in devastating psychological trauma, and Liz writes about the topics with great sensitivity and compassion.  But she never shies away from the ugliness.  I felt so many emotions while reading this book, sometimes simultaneously.

We can all be rockstars on our birthdays, but Liz is that special kind of rockstar: an author who writes powerfully about a difficult subject, with a book that will stay with you for a long time after.

Read on for Liz’s guest post about striving for coolness as an adolescent (I can relate to her story all too much), and be sure to wish her a very happy birthday!!

About Liz: 

Liz Coley has been writing long and short fiction for teens and adults for more than ten years.  Her short fiction has appeared in Cosmos Magazine and several speculative fiction anthologies: The Last Man, More Scary Kisses, Strange Worlds and Flights of Fiction.

In 2011, she self-published Out of Xibalba, a story that begins when the world ends. The same week that work launched, Liz sold dark contemporary psychological thriller Pretty Girl-13 to HarperCollins for international publication, currently available in five translations.

She lives in the YA writing mecca of Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and teenaged daughter, and misses the two older boys who have flown the nest. Her passions beyond reading and writing include singing, photography, and baking. She plays competitive tennis to keep herself fit and humble.

Authors are often asked how the people and events in our lives are reflected in our writing. My “Scenes from a Life” series depicts some of the indelible contributors to my memories.

Find Liz:
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Scenes from a Life – Breaking Bad

by Liz Coley

By seventh grade, everyone knows who the “good” girls are, and everyone knows who has a reputation for flaunting the rules.  But sometimes, if you’re one of the goody-two-shoes, you get this crazy urge to do something unexpected and, dare I say it, Bad?  Especially if your parents are squarer than square.  This is my story of how my best friend, let’s call her Marie, pulled me into her Breaking Bad adventure, how I one-upped her back, and how it all ended in a case of hallucinatory guilt.

Marie’s mom was a smoker, so it was easy for Marie to snatch a couple of cigarettes one day and hide them away for the next time I came over.  The populars in the seventh grade class had started smoking, and Marie was on the cusp of throwing over her halo for a piece of them.  But she had to practice, and I was to be her partner in crime.  We crept out of sight into the canyon near her house and struck a match with trembling hands.  We each lit up, very carefully practicing the technique of sucking in the toxic air only as far as our cheeks and blowing out smoke.  We attempted holding the cigarette in different ways, not knowing whether the bunny ears pinch, the open palm faceward, or the open two fingers backwards hold would be the approved method.  We neither inhaled nor set the canyon on fire, but we thought we looked cool, which made the afternoon a great success.

At the time, I lived next door to someone who was experimenting with juvenile delinquentism.  She’s now a highly respected middle-aged businessperson, but those junior high years were touch and go and included dealing a little Mary Jane.  Once she’d heard of my vast cigarette experience, she offered to introduce me and Marie to her stuff.  I guess Marie decided this would look good on her aspiring-to-popularity resumé, I thought it would be good for my she’s-not-so perfect reputation, and the date was on.  Since we’d practiced our “I didn’t inhale” technique, we managed to look awesome and yet feel absolutely no effects from my neighbor’s stuff.

It all ended the night of the queen of the populars’ birthday party.  She had scored several packs of cigarettes, and somehow gotten rid of her parents.  Marie and I had been invited as satellites to her star, and as all the in-crowd lit up, we fake-puffed right along with them as if we’d been doing it for years.  Next morning, after the sleepover, I was dropped back home (my parents were out).  Walking in the door, I had a terrible realization. I stank like smoke.  My arms, my hands, my hair, my clothes.  What was I to do? I jumped in the shower and scrubbed.  I washed my clothes.  And still, everywhere I went, the smell of smoke followed me like the hand of God, pointing to my guilt.  Inescapable.

By the time my Mom came home I was quivering with nerves.  Would she notice?  What would I say? Was it time to confess my delinquency?  Blame it on the other girls?  Throw myself on her mercy?

When Mom arrived and saw me waiting at the door, she said, “Sorry the house smells so smoky.  We had a fire last night and forgot to check the flue first.”  I thanked fate for intervening and never smoked again.  I swore I would never put myself in that kind of panicked quandary again. Back to being goody two-shoes.  It was just a lot easier.

Thank you so much, Liz, and enjoy your special day!  And no smoking, please.  🙂


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