Stacking the Shelves # 33 – The Harry Potter Edition

October 5, 2013 J.K. Rowling, Stacking the Shelves 24

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Welcome to very special edition of Stacking the Shelves!  This is my way of saying – I’ve finally purchased the Harry Potter series!  Some of you already know that I’ve never read the books, and this is probably one of the biggest sins a blogger can commit.

I decided on a whim to purchase the books, and I originally planned to purchase the paperbacks.  (I love the look of the new Scholastic set.)  But then I thought: No, this occasion calls for something BIGGER.  So, it would have to be hardcovers.  But which set to buy?

There were the original covers, of course:

There is also this “adult” version.  The covers look cheap – almost self-pub quality, IMO, and I read some reviews that claim the font is difficult to read:
And then there is this Bloomsbury UK edition, published in 2011, and it looked PERFECT.  I love the stark white with the gold lettering.  Another HUGE selling point is that the UK versions of the books retain all of Rowling’s original writing:
Now, my next question was: How do I get it in the cheapest way possible?  The logical option seemed to be The Book Depository, but it was unavailable.  I headed over to e-Bay and found a couple of these sets for sale from what appeared to be reputable sellers.  But I’ve been afraid of e-Bay ever since, years ago, I purchased a bunch of discontinued Stila lipsticks from another supposedly reputable seller, and half of them came with a “Sample” sticker stuck on them.  Gross.
But I was ready to go for the books until it occurred to me to check Amazon UK.  They were substantially cheaper than the e-Bay price, and the shipping was only $7.  Even better, the set arrived in perfect condition just over a week, much faster than the e-Bay vendor estimated.
The set comes in this beautiful box:
I love the front of the books:
And the backs:
Don’t expect to see reviews any time soon, because I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to start reading them.  When I have a break in my schedule, I’m going to read Game of Thrones.  But still, I’m so happy to finally have these!

I was so pleased with my first Amazon UK experience that I made another purchase of something even MORE exciting just this week.  Can you guess what it is???  If Amazon’s shipping estimate is accurate, you should be seeing this mystery purchase in next week’s STS!

    Let me know what hit your shelves this week!  And let me know what you think of the various HP paperback and hardcover sets that are available.  Which, if any, do you own, or which would you love to own?

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    24 Responses to “Stacking the Shelves # 33 – The Harry Potter Edition”

    1. Rachel

      I love those covers, I’m tempted to buy another set just so I can have them on my shelf!! Hope you enjoy them when you finally read them 🙂

    2. Jessica Chiles

      Ugh, I don’t think my first comment went through… I said:

      What a gorgeous set you picked! Now go get reading, you are definitely in for an amazing adventure. <3

    3. quinnsbooknook

      OH. MY. GOSH! I want those beautiful HP books. I have the original US covers in hardcover, and I love them. But those ar ebeautiful, and I have really been interested in reading the UK HP, to get the exact words Rowling chose. I wonder how much it would cost to have Amazon UK ship to the U.S. Hmmm.

      Anyway, get reading. They are amazing. The third book is what hooked me on the series. Happy reading 🙂

      (I wish I could experience HP for the first time again).

    4. Greg

      What a beautiful box set, the spines look so cool and I like the illustrations on the back too. Very nice! I haven’t read HP yet and have been thinking about getting them recently, so I can appreciate this post. 🙂 I really like the new covers too and will probably go w/ those.

      Hope you enjoy Game of Thrones, big fan of those!

    5. Holly Letson

      I’ve only read the first 5 HP books. I know there’s not excuse for not reading the last 2, since I’ve had them on my shelf for the past few months. But, just been so busy these days. And, I it’s been years since I read the others.

      Anyhow, your set is beautiful. I love the font they used to write Harry Potter.

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