A New Way to Add to My TBR: The Desk Calendar Method

January 30, 2014 For Discussion 16

Several weeks ago, I discussed the contents of Book Riot’s first subscription box.  One of the items in the box was the Book Lover’s Desk Calendar.  Now, I have no use for this item as a calendar.  But what I DO like is that each page of the calendar features comments on a recommended book.

Calendar 1


I thought this would be a good opportunity to expose myself to some new authors.  So, I’m going to choose one book each month to read.  I originally thought that I would just randomly pick a page each month.  But that seemed a bit risky.  I could end up with a book I’ve already read, like The Lifeboat:

Calendar 2


And then there are the books that fall into my seemingly never-ending category of “Bought it, but haven’t read it yet,” like Outlander and Bring Up the Bodies.

Calendar 3


I also decided that any book I chose had to be by an author who is new to me, so that ruled out Matthew Quick, author of Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and The Silver Linings Playbook.

Calendar 4


Of the choices that remained, I decided to go with Defending Jacob by William Landay.

Calendar 5

I kind of cheated, because I told myself I should NOT check out Goodreads before selecting my book – I should just trust what the calendar folks had to say.  But I thought it would be a good idea to at least check the page numbers to make sure I wasn’t committing myself to a 700 page monstrosity.  And once I saw that Defending Jacob had only 432 pages, I looked a bit more and saw a few positive reviews from my GR friends.  Always a good sign!

The Kindle version of this book is only $2.99, but I’m glad I remembered to check Overdrive before purchasing, because I was able to check out the e-book from my library.  If I have good luck with this book, I may decide to pick a bit more blindly next month.

So, tell me – have you read any of the books mentioned above?  Or, if you’d like to add to your own TBR, just pick a day (your birthday, perhaps), and I’ll give you that day’s recommendation.


16 Responses to “A New Way to Add to My TBR: The Desk Calendar Method”

    • Stephanie

      Now that it’s already almost Feb, I’ll bet you could get a great discount. 🙂

  1. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

    This is a great idea. You’ll have to let me know if you find a really great book this way. I’m sure I’ll be reading your posts about them so I’ll know. The only one I’ve read was Outlander–I think I read the first two books in the series. They were good but too romance-ish for me. I do think the show will be entertaining and will give it a go to see. Good luck! I hope this first book is wonderful.
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Review of The Shadow Society by Marie RutkoskiMy Profile

  2. Tina

    I’ve read Defending Jacob and I really liked it! I read it a while ago, so I don’t remember a lot of the details, but it was a really good, fast-paced book. I hope you like it!
    And this idea for adding books to your TBR pile is so fun!
    Tina recently posted…[Review] Letting Ana Go by AnonymousMy Profile

  3. Rachel

    That is a really cool calendar! My sister and my mom have both read Defending Jacob and loved it. They’ve been trying to get me to read it ever since, so I’m curious to see your review. Also, I have picked a random book to read before and it worked out pretty well. Of course, when I did it, I just closed my eyes, flipped to a random page, and then pointed to a spot on the screen and opened my eyes, and voila, I had a surprise book to read!

    • Stephanie

      I need to try that random method. I think I’m too much of a pessimist, so I assume I’ll be disappointed. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      I enjoyed Lifeboat. But I’ve seen very mixed reviews for it. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect – a shipwreck leads to a group of people attempting to survive in, yup, a lifeboat. I love shipwreck stories, even though they horrify me.

      You have a great weekend, too, Robyn!

  4. Kelly

    This is a really neat idea! I like that you took something that wasn’t going to be much use to you, and found a way to give it purpose.

    It’s also sparked my interest in Book Riot’s Box subscription. I think I’ll see what the second box brings you before I decide one way or the other, but like you said on your other post about it, half the excitement is getting the package and uncovering what it contains!
    Kelly recently posted…Pretty Little Discussion: Readers vs SubscribersMy Profile

  5. Nicole

    I think this is an awesome idea and smart of you to find a purpose for that calendar! I would love to do something similar to discover new books/authors but it would have to be on a much smaller scale (like per year rather than per month ha) cause I just haven’t had a ton of time to read with school. I can barely read my most anticipated books! But maybe I can branch out on audiobooks… Anyway yay! I hope this idea works out really well for you!
    Nicole recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (57) – Feb 1stMy Profile

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