Repeat the Week # 43

January 5, 2014 Repeat the Week 6

A week’s worth of blogging fun, recapped in this handy little space


  • Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando: The relationship between two college roommates-to-be is more moving and heart-breaking than many romances.
  • Unhinged by A.G. Howard: Morpheus is baaaaaack.
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown: Did I read it wrong?  It seems that everyone but me loved this story.



Random Thought For the Week – I learned two things this week that you all already know:

  • You can speed up the narration on Audible!  I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks, and the slow pace of the default narration is irritating.  I speed it up just a bit, and it makes a world of difference.
  • I can take notes in my Kindle!  Seriously, I didn’t know this.  I know about (and frequently use) highlighting for help with writing my reviews.  But when I wanted to take notes, I did it in my phone, or in the draft of the review, if I happened to be reading in front of my laptop.  But taking notes right within the Kindle app will make this much easier.


6 Responses to “Repeat the Week # 43”

    • Stephanie

      I also jot notes in my phone when I’m reading a physical book. But the Kindle makes it a lot easier!

    • Stephanie

      I don’t always take notes, but I try to. It makes writing reviews much easier, especially for the mediocre books which I tend to forget quickly.

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