These Broken Stars Tour Recap and a Giveaway

February 16, 2014 Book Signing, Giveaway 28

The These Broken Stars tour could not have come to Charlotte at a better time.  The snow started falling last Tuesday, and by Thursday afternoon, around 6-7 inches of snow and ice were on the ground – the biggest storm to hit Charlotte in ten years.  This would not be a big deal in other parts of the country, but when you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t have many plows, neighborhood streets don’t get plowed, so you’re stuck in your home unless you’re willing to venture out on the streets with people who are not accustomed to driving on snow and ice.  Fortunately. much of it was melted by Saturday afternoon, and I was more than ready to head over to Park Road Books to see Amie and Meagan, as well as Beth Revis who joined them for part of the tour.  (Jodi Meadows and Lissa Price were supposed to be here, too, but the weather prevented them from coming.)


Amie and Meagan talked about the collaboration process on TBS.  While they individually wrote the first draft of Lilac’s or Tarver’s POV’s, when it came time for revisions, they both had input on the two characters.  They told us how writers get inspiration from everywhere, and they shared a story about driving past a plastic surgeon’s office called “Skincrafters.”  All of the writers in the car thought that would be an incredible title for a horror novel.

Beth shared some of the research that she did for her series, also set in space.  She learned that space travel can involve some very unpleasant side effects including exploding tongues and lungs.  She talked about it with such glee that I almost started to wonder if having my tongue explode might be a good thing.

The authors talked about how important it is to have a thorough picture of the setting, the characters, and the story while writing.  Amie and Meg said that while writing TBS, they also had to write an “encyclopedia” including lots of little details that formed the background of the world they created.  For example, they had to come up with the political structure of the world in TBS, even though it is not a focus of the book.  They didn’t enjoy the process of writing the encyclopedia, but now they realize how enormously beneficial it was.

I’m sure many of you saw the photos that Amie and Meg tweeted last week.  They were in L.A. and visited Eric Balfour, one of the producers on the possible TBS television series.  I asked them if they could share any scoop, and they said that the show would feature not only Lilac and Tarver, but also the main characters from the upcoming companion novels.  Meg said this decision was made because it would be challenging for a television show to focus on only two characters for an extended period of time.  It’s a long shot for any show to actually make it on the air, but I know we all have our fingers crossed for this one!

When it came time for the signing, one attendee, who must be a fan of Tea Time from Epic Reads, asked to have her book “defaced.”  (On a recent Tea Time, Margot and Aubry took off a book’s dust jacket and wrote on the cover, similar to how Tahereh Mafi signs her books.)  Well, once the rest of us on line saw that, we all wanted it.  I think it looks pretty amazing, don’t you?


Of course, I got the more traditional signatures, too:


And now for the giveaway!

Last year at BEA, I was fortunate to get a signed ARC of These Broken Stars.  I intended to give it away after reviewing it (You can check out my review here), but Kristen from My Friends Are Fiction told me I’d be crazy to do that, and she might even have threatened my life.  But now that I have the hardcover, I think I can safely give it away, and I’m almost certain she won’t try to kill me.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only – I’m sorry to everyone else! – and you can enter on the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!




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28 Responses to “These Broken Stars Tour Recap and a Giveaway”

  1. Sarah Kellar

    How hard was it to write a book together and how they came up with the idea for the book

  2. LeKeisha Thomas

    Who wrote which POV for these characters? Also, do they prefer to switch up who voices which character?

  3. Lily S

    Did co-writing this book change any of their writing habits or approaches when returning to solo projects? Is solo writing more freeing or more lonely now?

  4. Angela C.

    What was it like co-writing a book? Did each of them take on a character?

    And also, I think I spelled my name wrong for the Bloglovin follow entry. It’s supposed to be Angela Chen. Sorry. ><

  5. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

    I am so glad this event didn’t get canceled! Yes, there is a bit of selfishness involved in that 😛 Seems like such a fun event and I’d loved to have seen them both together. And, I won’t get onto you for giving away your signed arc..though I am entering to get it! haha. LOVE the defaced book! <3

    As for the comment question…I am so awkward at events that I go completely blank when trying to communicate to the author. I'd probably just stand there and stutter. As for what I would like to have asked…hrm. All the questions regarding how it is to work together on a book.

    Great recap Stephanie!
    Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction recently posted…Lego Cover Art- The Winner’s Curse by Marie RutkoskiMy Profile

  6. Gabby Gendek

    What was the hardest part about writing together and was there ever a time when you guys thought that you couldn’t finish the book?

  7. Annemay

    I think I would’ve asked them… Would they consider writing another book together? (so orginal, I know haha!) 🙂

  8. Diana G.

    so jealoussss!!! ahhh! i would have asked what inspired them to become authors. I like hearing people respond to that :)Thanks for hosting…

    Diana G

  9. Kalli

    If I could ask them any question, to be honest, it would be how they worked together to make a collaborated book. I noticed that they wrote an encyclopedia so both of them would be on the same track but I wonder how they determined who would write what parts and such. Thank you for the giveaway, by the way! 😀 So excited to read this book, I heard mostly good things about it so I’m interested to read it myself so I can form my own opinion. ;v;

  10. Stephanie H.

    Was it hard writing a book together when living so far apart? Did either of you ever consider giving up?

    I am dying to read this book! I have heard so many good things about it! I watched that Tea Time too, and love that you got them to sign your cover. It looks awesome!
    Stephanie H. recently posted…Why Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!My Profile

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