Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Bookish Items

April 14, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 14

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given, and this week’s topic is:


In a bit over one year of blogging, I’m still amazed at all of the new books I acquired over the past year.  New books mean new bookshelves and bookcases, and below, I’ve included photos of those that I bought recently.

anthro bookcase

I loved this little staircase bookshelf.  It’s not the most practical thing in the world, since it takes up a good amount of space.  But I like that it’s different from the typical bookshelf.


I got these two bookcases from  The biggest appeal was the cheap price.  That seemed like a decent tradeoff for the fact that there is so much empty space between each shelf.  I wish that this had one or two more shelves so that I could utilize the space more efficiently.


I bought eight of these floating bookshelves and scattered them over my wall.  I love how all you see are the books, but I really need to get these organized.  I kind of threw books on them with no thought for organization.


Now here’s a case where I DID actually organize.  Similar to the floating bookshelf, this tower allows the books to showcased.  I spent about an hour one day getting the books organized by color.


These figurines are made by Julie Kagawa and sold in her Etsy shop.  I’ve got Allie from Blood of Eden, and Ash and Puck from Iron Fey, along with a few dragons.  They look ready to go into battle!

So, those were the bookish items I own, and now I’ll show you some bookish items I want.



From Anthropologie

stacked bookshelf

 From Anthropologie

bookshelf 2

Homemade bookshelf using benches from Buzzfeed

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14 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Bookish Items”

  1. Lindsey @ Bring My Books

    I love how you did an entire post on bookshelves, I didn’t even think about all the wonderful bookshelves I’ve seen and drooled over. I especially like the clear one from Anthropologie, how much fun is that?? That DIY bench one is pretty fun too, I think that would actually work with my current decor (keeping the cats off of it would be an entirely different story though!)

    I love animals with literary names! We had a cat named Nicodemus (Secret of NIMH) as kids, and I’ve currently got two cats named Neville and Luna. It’s a really fun way to find bookish people too – I tell people my cat’s names and if they get that look in their eyes, I know I’ve found a fellow Potterhead. 😉 I hope you can fulfill that bookish want sooner rather than later!

    Here’s my list of all-things-bookish-to-buy, if you’d like to check it out:)

    Lindsey @ Bring My Books

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