Speculations on the Game of Thrones Season Four Finale

June 14, 2014 Movie & TV Musings 14

In less than 24 hours, I will be equal parts ecstatic and distressed.  The fourth season finale of Game of Thrones will air.  I’m not ready for it to end!  At the end of last season, I stated that I was going to read all of the books before the start of this season, at least up through Storm of Swords.  Guess what?  It didn’t happen.  I still haven’t even cracked open the first book.  On Sunday night, I assume I’ll be saying it again.  Whether I’m telling the truth will remain to be seen.

I’m going to make a few guesses as to how the season plays out.  To be clear, I have NO knowledge of the finale, as I have managed to avoid all spoilers, so feel free to read on and speculate with me.  As I always say when I discuss GoT, if you’ve read the books, please don’t write anything spoiler-y, even if it seems harmless.  After the episode airs, I’d love to hear what you thought.

The only thing I really care about right now is Tyrion.  I desperately want to believe that Martin doesn’t kill him off here.  Of course, Peter Dinklage was not a factor when Martin was writing his books, and the showrunners will be in an unfortunate position if Martin did kill him off in this book, since most people consider him to be the star of the show.  If that did happen, they’ll have to go along with it, since keeping him alive would seem like too big of a violation of the books, IMO.  But I’m thinking positively.  Tyrion will get out of this.  I’ve been trying to think of how that might happen, and I’ve ruled out any help from Tywin.  Even though Tywin had hatched a plan to keep Tyrion alive, that all went out the window when Tyrion demanded trial by combat.  Tywin sentenced Tyrion to death at the end of that awful, awful battle.  (Farewell, Oberyn.)  He can’t go back on that, even though I think he was sincere when he told Jaime of his plan to keep Tyrion alive.  Tywin would see it as a loss of honor to go back on his declaration.

If I rule out Tywin, then I’m leaving it up to Jaime to save his little brother.  I do believe that if Jaime hadn’t lost his hand, he would’ve fought The Mountain on Tyrion’s behalf.  But in his condition, he would certainly have been killed, and Tyrion would be executed, so it would have been pointless.  Jaime was willing to sacrifice his dreams for his future to save Tyrion, but of course, that damned Shae ruined EVERYTHING!  Now that Jaime knows Tyrion’s death is a certainty, I think he will hatch some escape scheme and risk his own life to save Tyrion.  I don’t imagine he’ll get any help from anyone (except maybe Bronn), since Jaime seems to be Tyrion’s last ally.  If he does try anything, he will likely alienate Cersei forever.  I could see him trying to threaten her or bargain with her to get her to go along, but I don’t know how much of a hold he has over Cersei anymore.

The title of tomorrow’s episode is “The Children.”  That could be a metaphor for just about anything.  Or, maybe it’s more literal, and it refers to Dany’s dragon children.  (We did see a quick shot of the dragons in the preview after last week’s episode.)  I’m HOPING it refers to Tywin’s children, because it would help me to believe that something like I described above could play out with Tyrion, Jaime, and Cersei.

One thing I feel 99% certain of is that Tyrion’s fate won’t be completely decided at the end of the episode.  Meaning, we’re not going to see his head mounted on a spike tomorrow, and we’re not going to see him relaxing somewhere after a successful escape.  The season will surely end on this cliffhanger, where Tyrion’s current certain death is suddenly thrown into question.

I tried to do this similar guessing game before the Breaking Bad finale, and I was way, way off base.  I’m hoping to redeem myself here!  If you’ve read the books, you might be laughing at how wrong I am, and I invite you to come back tomorrow and rub it in, because I will deserve it. 🙂

Happy watching, everyone!


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  1. Tammy

    I know how I want the season to end, like the very last scene but I’m not sure they’ll do it but without giving anything away if it’s what I want, anyone who hasn’t read the books will be picking their jaws off the floor. It will leave you saying “wait, what did I just see”.

  2. Brea @ Breezy Reads

    Oh my gosh. It’s the end already? WHAT. These series need to be longer!
    I’m totally hanging on what will happen to Tyrion. I keep thinking that Martin has spent way too much time dragging this out and developing the plot and character to kill him off now. But then again, that has never stopped him before.
    So I think you’re right – even if he is killed off eventually, I don’t think it’s going to happen in the finale. A lot of people just might quit watching GoT.

    I think “The Children” might be referring to something different. Maybe. I’ve only read the first book, and it mentioned these magical children of the forest all through out, especially during Bram’s scenes. Apparently these magical beings are in hiding beyond the wall, where magic hasn’t died. So my guess is it has something to do with Bram (we haven’t seen much of him lately) or maybe even about those babies that are sacrificed to the white walkers. Or it could be literal. I’d love to see more Dragons!
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    • Stephanie

      It’s only ten episodes long. WHY? Maybe they think it wouldn’t be quality if it was longer.

      I didn’t want to put this in my post, because even though I don’t think it’s a spoiler, others might. My DVR shows the title, which I did include, and a very, VERY vague synopsis, which I didn’t. I’ll just say that something in the synopsis could show that you’re on the right track.

      And if it has something to do with White Walkers, that would make sense, because they’ve opened and ended seasons with scenes of White Walkers. And we haven’t seen them since that baby white walker. Could be a good time to revisit.

      You will almost certainly get your dragons! They wouldn’t put it in the preview otherwise.

  3. Greg

    Ah, how fun. This season went by fast… all I can say of course is i think I know what’s coming, and it should be wild. Twitter should be fun tomorrow night… 🙂 Enjoy the show!
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    • Stephanie

      You were right – it was wild! I loved it. I hate to see Charles Dance go, because he was one of the best actors and best characters on the show. But I’m glad it happened the way it did.

  4. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    The thing I mainly think about is: 10 MONTHS. That is how long they are going to keep us wait & I’m almost 99% sure it’s going to be a horrible cliff-hanger that will keep us busy, haha.

    I seriously hope Tyrion stays alive. Not only because I love the actor, but also his character. He is such a complex person and I like his clever words. I was also thinking about Jaime trying to help him. I hope they come up with a plan – perhaps he ends up at the Wall in the end? It would combine this episode with the last one.

    I’m hoping the title refers to her dragons. I really like Danaerys and I can’t wait to see the dragons in action 😀
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    • Stephanie

      I waited to come back to some of these comments until after the episode aired. We got our Tyrion wish! I am sad about Tywin, because he was such an awesome character, and Charles Dance was so good on the show.

      Ten months is so long to wait, I agree. But I think the wait between the first couple of seasons might have been more than a year? Or maybe it just felt like it.

  5. Pili

    I’ve only watched the first season of the show, and I’ve decided I won’t be watching any other episodes until I do my big binge watching of all the remaining seasons as a refresher for when book 6 comes out next year… I know they’ve changed a few things and all that but I CANNOT do a re-read of all 5 books before the 6th comes out!
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    • Stephanie

      You have such restraint, Pili! But you’re going to have fun watching. Season 4 was the best so far.

  6. Denise C

    I’m sure you were as surprised by Sunday’s finale episode as I was!! I think he should have stayed. I think Cersei would have thanked him! I think this means she’ll be queen regent now? I’m also actually mourning the Hound too. I wish the two of them didn’t have to fight.

    • Stephanie

      Oh, I do think Cersei will be grateful, but I still think she’d be delighted to see Tyrion dead. I don’t think he had any choice but to flee, because everyone in King’s Landing will easily connect Tyrion’s escape to Tywin’s death.

      I’m sad about the Hound, too. Maybe, MAYBE he will somehow survive? Arya scared me in that scene.

  7. Diane

    I’ve read all the books, but have only watched the first season. My recommendation – skip the books and keep watching the show. The books get increasingly sidetracked and tangental. I couldn’t take it after a while. The one good thing about HBO is that it’s forcing GRRM to finish the story. By next season GOT will be all caught up with the books, right? I’m with Pili – not going to watch the shows til I know there is a conclusion coming.

    Regarding the episode run, really, less is more in this case. The books expound way too much, and gets so far away from the core of the story. That’s why I think the shows have been so successful. They are succinct while having great depth.

    • Stephanie

      Hey, Diane! 🙂 I know there have been lots of complaints about books 4 and 5 for the reasons you mention. I don’t *think* the show will be caught up after next season. I don’t believe the producers have stated this yet, but speculation is that they will cover parts of books and 4 and 5 next season, and then do the same next season. As I understand, those two books run concurrently, and each focuses on only a portion of the main characters. They’d be stupid to leave out a whole group of characters in the next two seasons, so that sounds logical.

      I couldn’t bear not watching the shows, even though I know the payoff is great when you can sit down and have a major binge.

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