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July 14, 2014 Movie and TV Musings, Top Ten Tuesday 15

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given, and this week’s topic is:


I haven’t participated in the Top Ten meme in over a month.  But when I saw this week’s topic, I was delighted to jump back in.  There are so many good shows on right now, some I’m sure you all know about and some you may not.

Game of Thrones: I mourn this show when the season ends, and when a new season is premiering soon, I’ll start a countdown.  The writing, the acting, the sets, and all of thos cliffhangers…I love it all!

The Walking Dead: OK, so the writing and acting on TWD pales in comparison to GoT, but it’s got zombies!  (Although, I guess GoT has their own version of zombies in the white walkers.)  I thought last season was the best since the excellent first season, and I have high hopes for season 5, based on the predicament the survivors got themselves into in the last episode.

The Fall: I’d heard some great things about this British/Irish show, and I finally sat down to watch the first episode on Netflix shortly after Christmas  last year.  I was already captivated by the end of that episode, and I stayed up until 9:00 AM to watch the rest of the season.  It stars Jamie Dornan (yup – the Fifty Shades of Grey guy) as a serial killer and Gillian Anderson as the detective who is trying to hunt him down.  Dornan is so creepy here – he’s a husband and father one moment (not a very good one admittedly) and a vicious killer the next.  As a warning to some potential viewers, the murders are filmed in a brutal fashion, and there is a sexually violent aspect to them.  But otherwise, I love the cat and mouse component between Dornan’s and Anderson’s characters.  (Airs on BBC 2 and available on Netflix.)

The ReturnedLet’s be clear – this is not about that dumb show, Resurrection, based on Jason Mott’s book, The Returned.  This is also not about the upcoming U.S.-produced show called The Returned, which is based on the French series, Les Revenants.  Les Revenants IS the show I’m talking about, which was renamed The Returned for American viewers.  Whew…got all that?  So anyway…The Returned/Les Revenants focuses on a small French town that is sent into turmoil when people who have been dead for years start coming back to life.  These people aren’t zombies; they are fully functioning, and they have no memory of their deaths or that they’ve been gone.  When they make their way back to their homes, they don’t understand why their loved ones are so shocked to see them.  They also don’t understand why their loved ones have aged, while they are the same ages as when they disappeared.  I’m curious to check out the U.S. remake, even though I get a little peeved when American production companies remake movies and shows of their perfectly good foreign counterparts.  (Another good example of this is Broadchurch, which is being remade as Grace Point, and BOTH versions star David Tennant.)  (Airs on Sundance and available to stream on Netflix.)

The Strain(Watch out before you click on that link – it’s got a LARGE illustration of a worm coming out of an eyeball.)  Only one episode of this show has aired – just last night, in fact.  It’s based on a series of books by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.  The beginning of the show had quite a hook.  A plane from Germany lands at JFK, but when the air traffic controller begins to give instructions on where to taxi, there is no response from the pilot.  It’s eventually determined that this is a “dead plane,” and when the CDC boards to try to figure out what happened, they find a plane full of dead passengers and crew, with no obvious signs of trauma or struggle.  As the plane was landing, we saw a quick glimpse of what looked to be a vampire bursting out of the cargo hold and attacking the crew.  There were some awesomely gruesome scenes, the best being when the poor medical examiner is performing autopsies on some of the “dead” passengers who come to…”life”…and climb off their tables and kill him.  I’ve gotta admit – I loved it.

Orphan BlackI had heard so many raves about Tatiana Malsany, the star of Orphan Black, and I thought that people had to be exaggerating.  They’re not.  Orphan Black is a sci-fi thriller about human clones, and Malsany has played around seven different clones, with five of them being main characters.  Every one of them has a different look, mannerisms, and speaking pattern, and it’s amazing how Malsany pulls it off.  The story is just as good, with so many twists and turns and revelations, and you can never be sure who can be trusted.  (Airs on BBC America and available for free streaming on Amazon Prime.)

Downton Abbey: Even though each season gets sillier and more melodramatic than the one before, I will never tire of the gorgeous costumes, of yelling at Lord Grantham for being so stupid, or of marveling at the frivolous lifestyle of the British aristocracy. (Airs on PBS and available for free streaming on Amazon Prime.)

At Midnight: The actual name for this show is @midnight, but you can probably find it on your DVR under “At.”  This is a pseudo-game show, and it airs Monday through Thursday, not surprisingly, at midnight on Comedy Central after The Colbert Report.  It’s hosted by Chris Hardwick, whom I love love LOVE, and the “contestants” are well-known comedians (and occasionally actors) who compete to win the most points by being the funniest.  It’s not really a game show, because there is no prize, but it’s set up like one.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve LOL’d while watching @midnight, and if you’d like to end your day on a humorous note, this is the show you should be watching.  You can watch full episodes at the link I gave in the title.

And now, here are some shows I plan to watch…someday:

 – Friday Night Lights
– Veronica Mars
– the current season of 24
– The Wire
– Orange is the New Black
– Dr. Who
– Battlestar Galactica
– Teen Wolf
– The Inbetweeners
– Scandal
– Top of the Lake
– Sons of Anarchy

Your turn!  Share your TTT post with me below!


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  1. Wandering through the Shelves

    I’ve heard about Les Revenants and how good is, so I hope to get a chance to see it. I’ve also checked out Resurrection which wasn’t really good.
    The Strain is definitely a show I want to catch since I’ve read the first book.
    I love season 1 of Downton Abbey and yes you’re right it got progressively worse with each season yet I can’t stop watching.
    Wandering through the Shelves recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #1: Top 10 TV Series I am Currently FollowingMy Profile

  2. Alexis Salcido

    These all sound SO good! And I had no idea The Strain premiered yet! Thank you for reminding me about it! So going to check a lot of these out! 🙂

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