That Time When the Paper Towns Movie Was Filming In My Backyard *

March 19, 2015 Movie & TV Musings 5

* OK, not exactly my backyard, but rather my neighborhood’s courtyard right off my back patio.

While I was on my 5 month blogging hiatus, THINGS happened that I never got to share with you here.  One of the coolest things was the day in November that the movie adaptation of John Green’s book, Paper Towns, filmed some scenes around 100 feet from my back door.  I was aware that Paper Towns was being turned into a movie, but I had no idea that it was filming in Charlotte, NC.  But one day in November, I found a note on my door from the film crew informing that filming would be taking place the next day.  I immediately went onto John Green’s Twitter, and I saw that he had been in Charlotte for some time, on the various sets.  I was excited to think he’d be in my neighborhood the next day, because I planned to introduce myself.  (Flash forward – the same day I found out about all of this, he tweeted that he was leaving Charlotte to return home.  So much for that.)

The next day, I happened to be off work, so I spent much of the day watching the build-up to the filming that started around 9 PM that night.  The crew showed up early to start setting up equipment, hauling in fake trees and lamp posts, swapping out cars, and I watched it all unfold…

This first group of pics will show you the background of the scenes that were filmed (which you hopefully will be able to discern, since the filming took place when it was dark.  This pic was taken from my bedroom window.  The three or four scenes that were shot all occurred on this street and also involved a house that is just to the left of the edge of the pic.



Here’s the minivan!  For those of you have read the book, you know that this minivan plays a big role.  In the afternoon, the crew brought two of these minivans along with a bunch of other cars, all with Florida plates (much of the story is set in Orlando), and parked them on a couple of streets.  I was actually asked to move my car so that could replace it with a “Florida car.”  (I should have gotten a producer credit for obliging.)  🙂



When it got dark, Nat Wolff (he played Isaac in TFIOS) and Cara Delevingne showed up.  I had gone outside at one point and chatted with one of the crew members.  I mentioned that I was going to be taking photos, and she very politely suggested I not do that.  Well…I did take some pics, but I took them while sitting in the dark on my bed, hoping that no one could see into my room.  So, these pics are quite subpar, and this wasn’t helped by the fact that I was taking the pics from behind the screens of my window.  The one below is, sadly, probably the best picture I managed to stealthily take, and it shows a bit of the activity that occurred between filming.



My cats watched the filming, too.  There were as intrigued as I was.  You can also tell how dark it was in my room, and how many huge spotlights were set up aside.  (BTW, it was COLD this night.  Around mid-twenties, which is much too cold for my North Carolina blood, and not helped by the fact that my windows were open all night.)



This is the house that you will see in the movie.  (Again, sorry for the general quality, the satellite dish, and the gazebo thing.)



By now you’re probably wondering what scenes were filmed, and I’m sorry to say that it was a tad underwhelming.  (Well, I’m fascinated by the whole filmmaking process, so I would have been happy with anything, but I have to admit that I was hoping for scenes with dialogues.  But here’s what happened.  The first scene was Nat (Quentin) and Cara (Margo) running from the minivan, across the street, and up the steps to the house in the above pic.  They knocked on the door, Cara peered in the window, and then they were let,in.  (Sorry if you’ve fallen asleep!)  It was a very short scene, there was no dialogue that I could hear, and from my layman’s eyes, it looked simple.  But I think they did around twenty takes.

In the next scene, Cara and Nat run down the stairs and over towards that gazebo, and Cara says something about ninjas.  (I feel like I should remember this from the book, but it’s been a while since I read it.)  I managed to take a (very bad) video of this scene.  If you listen closely, you can hear Cara say “ninjas.”


Anyone else looking forward to this film?


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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    OMG THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!!! IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!!! (Well, give or take a few metres or backyards or whatnot. Psht. It’s basically your backyard. YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD AT LEAST.) XD XD I’m very very excited! I just watched the trailer this morning and ahhh!! It’s going to be so great! Although I think TFIOS will be better. (I feel like the actors were better in TFIOS, but I ain’t judging before I see. *nods sagely*) This is the best. post. ever.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Do You Visualise Character Faces?My Profile

  2. Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    So I haven’t read this book so I have no idea what scenes you are referring to (I should probably read it soon) but I still think this is SO COOL. I wish a movie would film in my backyard and If I were in your shoes I would have totally stalked the set too! I can’t wait to see the movie and make the connections!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (116) – March 21stMy Profile

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