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I am a financial analyst by day and a book fiend by night.  Staring at numbers and spreadsheets all day makes me long for the written word.  While my blog’s focus is on YA, my reading interests span many genres.  I started my blog in February 2013 on a whim.  I created a Twitter account at that time in an effort to resolve long-standing issues with my Time Warner Cable service.   After I tweeted my dissatisfaction at TWC, I decided to look up some of my favorite authors.  That, in turn, led me to discover lots of great book review blogs.  I’d been reviewing on Amazon and Goodreads for some time, and while I knew nothing about blogging, I thought, “This can’t be too hard!”  (Cue laughter.)  I spent the weekend learning how to use Blogger, and I launched my blog with the name Read Rinse, Repeat.  Several months later, I decided to make the switch to WordPress and to rename my blog as Inspiring Insomnia.  I chose this name because of all the times I stayed up reading as a child, well past my bedtime.

Review Policy:
While my taste in books is wide-ranging, my blog is focused primarily on books in the YA genre.   Prior to requesting a review, please take note of the books I review on this blog and/or the books I’ve shelved in Goodreads.

Please note the following:

  • Acceptance of an ARC does not constitute an agreement to post a review. If I don’t finish it, I will mark it as DNF in Goodreads, and I may include commentary, but I won’t give a rating.
  • Unless a book is part of a tour or an author feature, I can’t commit to a specific date.
  • All reviews are posted to Goodreads and Amazon. I will also post them to my blog, if the genre is appropriate.
  • ARC’s provided to me, if not kept, will be raffled on my blog or swapped with other bloggers.
  • I’m happy to participate in tours, giveaways, author guest posts, interviews, etc, if the book fits in well with my blog.
  • Due to time constraints, I’m unable to accept requests for self-published books.

Contact Me:

E-mail: Stephanie  <at>… InspiringInsomnia  <dot>…com. I’d love to hear from you!
Goodreads: I love connecting with people over books, so feel free to friend me or follow me.
Twitter: @InspiringInsomnia


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